"HePi NuRsEs DaY 2 My DeAreSt SisTer"

In The Name of ALLAH,Most Gracious Most Merciful...Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blesssings be upon him and his Household (Ahlul Bayt)..

Hari ini bersamaan 12 may 2009 adalah "hari Jururawat"..dikesempatan ini juga ana ingin mengucapkan "HePi NuRsEs DaY" especially utk kakak ana (Afriza Ghani) dan semua staff2 day care ward Hospital Serdang..lakukan tanggungjawab anda semua dengan baik,ye..(",) like ur trademark.."Delivering Quality Healthcare"...(^_^)

It was a game we all played as a child
Then some of us made it a dream worthwhile
More to learn, not as much time to share
Because in our hearts we really cared

We have worked the late night hours
While others slept away
Handles a doctor's many moods
Then found to pray

Critical moments that remain as memories
Some sad - then some are good
Then there are the tragedies
That will never be understood

u see a newborn baby smile
As u watch another slip away
And that completes the circle
The price for life's that paid

Sometimes not appreciated
When just a hug will do
We are proud of our profession
A guift from me to you

my dearest sis
The Smile u spread...
with ur TLC(Tender Loving Care)...
is what makes u sooooooo special..
Here's wishing a
"HepI nUrSEs Day"

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